Have you ever wondered who flies the fighter jet in all those mind blowing action movies? 

Well buckle up because in the newest episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben welcomes Kevin LaRosa II to discuss life as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after motion picture stunt pilots and aerial coordinators. 

Kevin sheds light on what it takes to work in the biz, given it’s an extremely rare and high-level profession, as well as two major lessons he’s learned from aviation that he integrates into his daily civilian life. 

“I’m honored and I’m fortunate, and this is probably a pinnacle moment in my career that will live with me forever.” - Kevin LaRosa II

While in the studio, Kevin highlights the role of breath work and fitness in being a stunt pilot along with the importance of compartmentalizing your stressors so you can focus on the work. He also shares details on how he developed the CineJet to make the high-speed aerial sequences on “Top Gun: Maverick” possible. 

Plus, what it’s like working with Tom Cruise!

About the Guest: Kevin LaRosa Kevin is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after pilot and aerial coordinators, licensed to fly a variety of aircraft ranging from helicopters and airplanes to Learjets and more. Kevin is an ATP rated pilot trained and certified in a multitude of aircraft. He also holds type ratings in several Learjet models in addition to the C-130/ L-382 Hercules and the Sikorsky S-70/ UH-60, as well as an FAA Part 107 UAS rating for flying unmanned aircraft. Kevin is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and the Motion Picture Pilots Association.

Known for his work on major blockbusters like Top Gun Maverick, The Avengers, Iron Man, Transformers, and The Last Knight, Kevin LaRosa, II has worked on over 100 different motion picture and commercial productions.

An accomplished pilot like his father and grandfather, Kevin grew up with the sights and sounds of engines and propellers for as long as he can remember. Kevin’s father, Kevin LaRosa Sr, began taking him on movie shoots at the early age of 10 and by age 17, Kevin received his certificate to fly.


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