In this episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben welcomes WRDSMTHan LA/UK-based street artist and author, to talk about becoming the creator you want to bereinventing yourself, and being relentless in maintaining your creative freedom.

Known for his word-based street art, WRDSMTH shares his unique journey to becoming an internationally known and respected artist. He sheds light on the role of anonymity in street art and the biggest moments of encouragement he’s experienced along his journey.He also speaks on “creative math”, the power of intention behind street artand the top 3 pieces of advice he has for creators of all kinds.

“I embrace change. I think reinventing yourself is just the secret to life.” - WRDSMTH

Then, Ruben and WRDSMTH address the importance of creating art for yourself before the commission, how his past in advertising informs his art today, and how to work with brands and agencies without giving up your creative freedom.

“Everything that you’ve ever seen me paint on the wall resonates with something in my life. That’s the secret to it.” - WRDSMTH

About the Guest: WRDSMTH is a published author, screenwriter, former advertising copywriter, and emerging street artist. Born and raised in the Midwest, he relocated to LA and started doing time in Hollywood, chasing the dream like countless others. Past and present worlds merged when he came up with the concept for WRDSMTH — a unique combination of stenciling and wheatpasting — and began painting/pasting walls with indelible thoughts and phrases. 

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