How do police officers live through love? In this episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben welcomes Scott McGee, a police sergeant and beloved friend, to talk about the connection between policing and living through love. You’ll hear a powerful story that illustrates why Scott’s greatest weapon is not a gun or a taser, but love. Plus, he speaks on the future of law enforcement and what it means to defund the police.

Before that, Scott candidly shares about the time in his life where he didn’t live through love and how he pulled himself out of that. He then sheds light on the extremely stressful process one goes through to get a job as a police officer, the reality of being in law enforcement compared to what we see portrayed in the media, and how police officers live through love.

“Only now is the profession really waking up to the importance of wellness and how that resonates with a human being’s ability to really show who they actually are.” - Scott McGee

Scott and Ruben exchange their thoughts on the hate that’s spewed towards police officers and their supporters, especially through social media, as well as the power of choosing forgiveness and acceptance over resentment and hatred.

“You can’t change how other people behave. You can change how you look at something.” - Scott McGee

Being of service is a major gift to your community if you do it through love.


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