If you’ve been burying your dreams under a layer of fear, this episode contains a message especially for you.

Ruben welcomes Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, Founder of the Dream Machine Foundation, into the studio to talk about manifestation, surviving a brain tumor, becoming a Nike athlete, winning Grammys by managing artists like 2 Chainz, and unlocking magical possibilities through love.

“The key is to stay in that love frequency, because the love frequency is how you unlock all magic.” - Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley

As Charlie says, love is what we really need, but how many of us actually choose it when we wake up in the morning?

From being diagnosed with a brain tumor at 20 years old, 305lbs, to becoming an Ironman and cycling from Los Angeles to New York, Charlie was meant to be an athlete. He just had to start living through love to see that dream become his reality.

“When we close our eyes and we see those visions, it’s done. Time just hasn’t caught up yet.” - Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley

Now, he’s giving back and making the wildest of dreams come true for underprivileged people around the world. Tune in as Charlie shares his vision of the future of philanthropy and the Dream Machine Foundation, as well as what you can do to join the army of love!

About the Guest: Charlie “Rocket”Jabaley is a globally-recognized serial entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer on a mission to transform millions of people worldwide. He is the former manager of 2 Chainz (Grammy nominated & winning rap artist) and the previous founder and CEO of Street Execs-an Atlanta based hip hop firm managing megastars such as Travis Porter, Young Dolph, and BankRoll. 

While all the success was pouring in, Charlie was battling depression, binge eating, crippling insecurities, and a brain tumor. To everyone on the outside, "CEO Charlie” was crushing it. On  the inside, he was dying. Unhealthy, unhappy, and unfulfilled, Charlie retired in 2017 from the music industry and the name “CEO Charlie”. At the age of 29, he made the decision to reinvenhis life in pursuit of his childhood dream to become an athlete and share his story.

From the flames emerged his new identity, Charlie Rocket. Within 2 years, Charlie Rocket lost135lbs, ran 3 marathons, reversed the growth of his brain tumor, and became an Ironman.Shortly after, he did a Dream Machine bike tour across America and was featured on Runner’sWorld Magazine while securing a partnership with Nike.

Along with his Dream Machine Foundation, Charlie has dedicated the rest of his life to making others' dreams come true. People deserve to dream again. People deserve to know the feeling of having their dream come true. Charlie and his foundation recently left to tour across the country whilst giving away $1,000,000 to those in need.

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