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In this episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben welcomes Adam Roa, a coach, poet, motivational speaker, actor, and filmmaker, to talk about personal development for creatives, navigating depression, being a fearless creator, and more.

Adam first describes his recent experience at an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, which evolves into a discussion about the value of apprenticeship for artists and creators, developing mastery, and the importance of integration in your personal development journey.

Ruben and Adam also shed light on their deepest battles with depression and how they navigate life’s dark moments.

“The difference between first place and last place in a 100m sprint is fractions of a second and the same thing is true I think in personal development. It’s not that we’re ever free of the very human aspects of ourselves, but as we become more conscious and aware, the nuance becomes what we notice more and more. It’s the fractions of a second.” - Adam Roa

Then, Ruben shares how he uses art and creativity to get through hard times and overcome negative self-talk while helping others do the same.

The duo also speaks on the power of having a studio space, riding the ups and downs of life, and the concept of “the tortured artist”.

“It’s okay to say that you need help. It’s okay to say 'I need a therapist, I need a coach, I need whatever to help me move through things that I’ve been too scared to look at until now.' We’re not meant to do it alone.” - Adam Roa

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About the Guest: Adam Roa is a coach, spoken word poet, motivational speaker, business consultant, podcaster, actor, filmmaker, and creator. He is the founder of The CREATE Community, a global community for creatives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, speakers, artists, and thought leaders who want to grow, heal, learn, and create an impact on this planet.

Visit Adam’s website: www.adamroa.com/
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