Lessons in Marriage and Parenthood with Zee Rojas

On this episode, Ruben welcomes his wife, Zee, to share a bit about herself, her love story with Ruben, and her parenthood journey.

She goes down memory lane, reflecting on her journey from New York to Los Angeles in 2007 and how she met Ruben in 2016. The two share how they both knew right away that they had met “the one”.

Zee talks about the biggest lessons she has learned so far about being a wife to Ruben and mother to Remmy, as well as her thoughts on the importance of trust in any relationship.

"If you don’t have trust, you don’t have a relationship.” -Zee Rojas

The duo also describes their parenting styles and talks candidly about the role of personal development and self-care in being a parent.

Zee highlights the importance of creating a strong foundation of trust in any relationship, giving new relationships a clean slate, and embracing your independent self in a committed partnership.

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Written by Ruben Rojas

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