Have you ever been stuck between knowing your potential and realizing it? This intriguing question is at the heart of our conversation with actor Travis Van Winkle. By sharing his personal journey, Travis provides unique insights into life, the inevitability of death, and the art of acting. His career in acting has not only been a platform for him to explore a myriad of emotions and characters, but also a journey of self-discovery and understanding. Travis explores the challenges, joys, and learning opportunities that come along with his craft.

Travis joins Ruben to talk about his journey to inner acceptance and the lessons he's learned as he turned 40. Using creative techniques to navigate through life's challenges, he shares how he has learned to move through difficult emotions. From taking a cold shower to hugging his dog, Travis shares a variety of strategies that can help anyone navigating the tumultuous waters of life. Additionally, we delve into his experience working with Build On to build schools in disadvantaged communities, examining the impact of education and the joy of giving back.

As we wind down our conversation, we take an exciting detour through Travis's experiences of traveling to various parts of the world. The actor shares his personal insights on how to work through difficult emotions, find empathy, and be a role model to our children. We cap it off with a discussion on his techniques for memorizing scripts, his dream roles, and his future projects in the entertainment industry. If you are fascinated by the world of acting or simply curious about life's profound questions, this episode featuring Travis Van Winkle is not one you'd want to miss.

How does Travis live through love? "I think being kind, being considerate, doing your inner work, being accountable for your mistakes, learning from your mistakes, having fun... appreciating the beauty of your life and giving back."

“If something doesn’t go my way, I find myself using my breath to be present with the feeling.  It’s not necessarily where I want to be.  But if I try to change it, I’m perpetuating its existence.” - Travis Van Winkle

Key highlights

  • The Art of Acting and Self-Exploration
  • Life's Challenges and the Grand Mystery
  • Embracing Imperfections at Turning 40
  • The Fluidity of Change and Emotions
  • Empathy, Acting, and Mentoring Children
  • The Challenges and Lessons of Parenthood
  • Navigating Social Media and Screen Time
  • Education Access & Building Schools
  • Finding Inspiration Through Connecting With Cultures
  • The Love of Travel and Regret
  • Memorizing and Performing Speeches/Scripts Tips
  • Upcoming Projects and Dream Roles

“Love is being able to accept the reality of what is, the truth of what's present. Whether that's your pain or your joy. It's not trying to change what's in front of you, but accepting it wholeheartedly. Yeah, that's love.” - Travis Van Winkle


About The Guest: Travis Van Winkle is a versatile and dedicated actor known for his unique approach to his craft. Not just limited to the screen, he is also a philanthropist deeply involved with the organization Build On, which is committed to constructing schools in disadvantaged communities. He is widely recognized for his insightful and cerebral conversations on life, art, and self-discovery. Van Winkle is particularly notable for his commitment to his roles and his capacity to deeply immerse himself in his characters, demonstrating a profound understanding of the human condition.

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