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What if your shoes could speak volumes about your identity? Join us as we sit down with Dominic Ciambrone, also known as The Surgeon, and delve into his fascinating journey from humble shoe designer to a maestro of self-expression. 

Dominic joins Ruben to discuss his extraordinary narrative of resilience, creativity and the powerful interplay between mental health and self-expression. His candid discussion about struggles with mental health, the harsh reality behind celebrity culture, and his personal journey to self-love are deeply moving and inspiring.

How does The Surgeon live through love? "Living a life through love is just truly loving yourself and working on yourself and learning to love yourself and also being able to be at service to other humans, and understanding fear is always going to be there. It's natural, and there's a purpose for fear. We should never not be completely fearful. If you're not, there's something wrong. It's important to be brave and to look through the fear."

"My journey isn't just about creating shoes or clothes, it's about connecting with people." - Dominic Ciambrone

Key Highlights

  • Journey to Self-Love and Creativity
  • Childhood Creativity Through Fashion and Art
  • Finding Power, Creativity, and Love
  • Teaching Self-Expression Through Shoe Reconstruction
  • Challenges of Balancing Art and Entrepreneurship
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • The Journey of Building a Team
  • Exploring Sneaker Culture and Personal Identity

"There's room for connection with anyone on this earth. It's just do you make time for it and is that person open to it as well?" - Dominic Ciambrone

About The Guest: Dominic Ciambrone, affectionately known as "The Surgeon," is an artist, entrepreneur, creative maker, and father, known for his unique journey of self-expression and resilience.

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