Theragun Creator and Therabody Founder, Dr. Jason Wersland, is sharing his approach to healing pain, growing a love-first business, and building high quality relationships.

Jason joins Ruben to talk about the origin story and science behind Theragun and how they’ve evolved into Therabody, a leading global tech wellness company. Beyond that, he describes his relationship with fear and competition, as well as his mindset around healing.

How does Jason define living through love? Love comes from what you put your energy into. Love is the focus, the time, and the energy you put into being of service.

“Consistency, persistence, and a little bit of delusion got me through a lot of the hard times.” - Dr Jason Wersland

Key Highlights

  • Jason shares the story behind Theragun after a car crash injury led to acute pain.
    • How can Therabody devices be a holistic, realistic addition to everyone’s daily routines? How does Theragun activate the parasympathetic nervous system?
    • Navigating business competition with love.
    • Jason’s 3-step process for building quality, long-lasting relationships.
    • Is Theragun/Therabody just for athletes? Does it benefit the average person?
    • How do you describe fear? Jason shares how a profound experience showed him what fear is.
    • How consistency leads to growth and greatness.

    “The physical and the spiritual cross over through the parasympathetic nervous system and if you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, then you’re going to find a more peaceful life.” - Dr Jason Wersland

    About The Guest: Dr. Jason Wersland is a chiropractor, creator of Theragun, and Founder/Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody, a leading global tech wellness company rooted in science and technology.

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