Strong Coffee CEO, Adam Von Rothfelder, is here to share his story of strength, resilience, and success – from growing up around abuse to creating a company that’s stealing customers from Starbucks.

Adam joins Ruben to share insights on how to keep moving forward when life gets hard, the unseen challenges of getting a product into grocery stores, and how to start a successful company from the ground up.

How does Adam live through love? He puts his best forward, for himself and others, for no reason other than that’s why we’re here.

To get through life, you have to be willing to accept the fact that pain is part of it”. - Adam Von Rothfelder

Key Highlights

  • Adam gets vulnerable about the abuse he observed as a child and why he left his hometown of Milwaukee, WI
  • The secrets behind Strong Coffee’s success + Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Adam details his experience on the NBC reality TV series, Strong, and addresses the backlash he got after it aired
  • How do you move forward in business after a massive failure/loss?
  • Proving to yourself that you are strong – How to do it and why it’s necessary for success

“It’s who you have around you that makes you who you are, so choose strong ones.” - Adam Von Rothfelder

About The Guest: Adam Von Rothfelder is the CEO of Strong Coffee Company, a father of two girls, and former mixed martial artist, pro fighter, and trainer.

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