Prepare yourself for a profound journey of love and self-discovery with my guest Perry Farrell. As artists, we explore the transformative power of love and fear and how these emotions shape our world. Together, we step into a new era, one defined by brotherly love and grace. We discuss the Noahide codes, divine rules that hold the potential to unify religions and heal our fracturing world. 

Perry joins Ruben to talk about traversing the global stage, drawing inspiration from the rich cultures around the world and their deep impact on humanity and how material possessions often serve to fill emotional voids. As we journey further into the realm of creativity, Perry and I delve into the power of artistic collaboration and the importance of ego dissolution. We conclude by exploring the evolution of an artist, striking a balance between staying true to oneself and maintaining creative fluidity.

How does Perry define living a life through love? “When I wake up in the morning, I pray. When I pray, I study and I read about the universe and I read about the different heavens and the different worlds, what's going on in all of them and why we're here. And we are here to definitely spread love.”

“To know thyself is really to know God.” - Perry Farrell

Key Highlights

  • Perry’s lifelong studies of mysticism and spirituality
  • The Noahide Codes and the Angel Gabriel
  • Discovering India and synthesizing the animal with the Divine
  • Exploring love and overcoming fear
  • The importance of ego dissolution 
  • Collaboration and love’s transformative power
  • Creating Lollapalooza
“It would serve all of us well to collaborate and bring in more and more people to help (create more festivals that spread love) … It makes the end product even better.” - Perry Farrell

About The Guest: Perry Farrell is the lead singer of the iconic American rock bands Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros. He is an actor and composer, known for Twilight, Southland Tales and The Cable Guy. He has been married to Etty Lau since 2002. They have two children.

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