Ever wondered how stripping down to the bare essentials can streamline your life and reduce the noise of modern living? Join me and my guest Light Watkins, as we navigate through the concept of spiritual minimalism, and discover how a life crammed into a single carry-on can pave the way for a more fulfilling existence. We unravel the myth of finding our purpose in a world overshadowed by social media, crammed with forced grandeur and unrealistic expectations. 

Light joins Ruben to discuss how curiosity can reignite our lives during even the most mundane moments. He demystifies meditation, as we explore the different ways it can be practiced, from monks to everyday people. No need to strain like an Olympian, simply let your mind roam free and cultivate a relationship with it that doesn't involve thought shaming. Walking, that simple, everyday activity, is also brought into the limelight, as we discuss the art of 'flannering'- aimless walking as a form of meditation.

Our conversation takes a deeper turn as we discuss the power of emotional restraint and how responding rather than reacting can be transformative. We underscore the role of personal responsibility in shaping our lives and understanding the power of love and living unconditionally accepting of others. We come full circle back to spiritual minimalism, and how these practices can lead to a more fulfilled life. Light and I invite you to embark on this journey of self-discovery and purposeful living with us. Unpack your life, simplify and find your purpose in this noisy world.

How does Light define living life through love? When your life choices are aligned with your purpose. To be fully present in every moment.  To be where you are right now.

“Loving is when you are unconditionally accepting of other people.”
- Light Watkins


Key Highlights

(0:00:00) - Nomadic Existence and Finding Purpose

(0:08:25) - Finding Purpose and Cultivating Presence

(0:22:01) - Understanding Different Approaches to Meditation

(0:33:30) - The Value of Presence and Walking

(0:44:37) - Curiosity, Education, and the Human Experience

(0:54:50) - Connecting to Intuition and Instincts

(1:01:29) - Presence and Emotional Restraint's Power

(1:14:31) - The Power of Love and Purpose

(1:20:57) - Spiritual Minimalism and Fulfilled Living

“Doing “normal things” can be very profound if you're present to them, and then that could be the gateway to something more that will happen down the line. But you have to be present to what you're feeling, what you're sensing, what's emerging through you.” - Light Watkins

About The Guest: Light Watkins has been a meditation and spiritual teacher for more than 20 years. He is the author of The Inner Gym and Bliss More and hosts a weekly podcast about hope called The Light Watkins Show.

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