Rachel Scheer, a Functional Medicine Dietician, and CEO, shares her unique take on gut health, how dis-ease manifests in the body, and how you can create greater self-love and abundance in your life.

Rachel joins Ruben to provide a fresh perspective on the abundance mindset, the gut-brain connection, and owning your health and happiness fully.

How does Rachel define living life through love? Living a life of inspiration – healing, returning to your true self, taking charge of your internal purpose, and creating love from that place.

Your power comes in when you can be present in your life [and] have complete gratitude for everything that surrounds you. - Rachel Scheer

Key Highlights

  • How bodybuilding helped Rachel overcome insecurity and find confidence, control, and power in herself & How it ultimately made her sick.
  • Gut health directly impacts mental health. How does this connection impact our self-love?
  • Getting to a place of inner peace and worthiness helps us live the life we want.
  • Abundance = presence + gratitude.
  • How to know if you’re operating in lack and ego or abundance?
  • Embodying awareness, ownership, & your values.
  • How to turn anything into a spiritual practice.

As long as we are identified with our thoughts and with our pain, we can never actually truly heal from that. - Rachel Scheer

About The Guest: Rachel Scheer is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist who received her degree from Baylor University in Nutrition Science and Dietetics and became certified in functional medicine through the Kalish Institute.

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