Licensed Therapists Vanessa Bennett and John Kim (aka the Angry Therapist) are changing the narratives around therapy, self-love, personal responsibility, and relationships.

Vanessa & John join Ruben to speak candidly about the tumultuous journey of liking and loving yourself, as well as how expensive and broken the therapy system is, yet how vital it is to our collective wellness. They also uncover the root of cancel culture, how opinions are weaponized, and what you should look for in a therapist.

How do John and Vanessa define love? Love is a moment-by-moment action that we choose. Love is a living, breathing thing that doesn’t dwell on what was, will be, or could be, but it’s accepting and living in what it is now.

Accountability can still be had without demonizing or canceling. - John Kim

Key Highlights

  • John and Vanessa detail why they became therapists after being unhappy (and angry) in their careers.
  • What’s the difference between a coach and a therapist? Can you be a therapist or coach at any age/experience level?
  • “Trauma is subjective.”
  • The Affordability of Therapy: The mental health system in America is broken, but there are ways you can access therapy for less money.
  • What should you look for in a therapist? When should you break up with your therapist?
  • The journey of liking yourself vs. loving yourself and combatting negative self-talk.
  • Our collective responsibility is to make the world a better place & White women’s role in ending gun violence (or any problem).
  • How therapy and opinions are being weaponized.
  • “Cancel culture comes from hiding, not from showing yourself.”

Loving is a process. Love is active. So, it’s through loving other people that you also learn to love yourself. - Vanessa Bennett

About The Guests:  John Kim hosts "The Angry Therapist" podcast. Vanessa Bennett is the co-host of "Cheaper than Therapy." Together, they co-host the podcast series "It's Not Me, It's You."

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