Ashleigh joins Ruben for an insightful discussion about how to foster communication and cooperation in your marriage and family. She talks about how spicing up your marriage is taboo, but not in the way you’d think, and the lessons she’s learned about love from failing at the swinger lifestyle.

“We weren’t really looking to open up our marriage, what we were looking for was just a break from the mundane.” –Ashleigh Renard

According to Ashleigh, the grass is greener where you water it. Marriage doesn’t have to be a power play, it can be a ‘win-win’.

Everyone comes into marriage with their own story and agenda. We’re going to see each other’s ugly sides, brilliant sides, and everything in between… and we have to embrace all of it. No matter how messy your marriage gets or how many mistakes you’ve made, you can come back from anything – as an individual and as a couple.

Shine light on your partner’s strengths, as well as your children’s strengths, and see what grows from that light. This is what love is made of.

“That’s the thing I’m telling married people every day is, our job in marriage is to help your partner be and feel their very best.” –Ashleigh Renard

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About the Guest: Ashleigh Renard, author of “Swing” and creator of the viral video series, “How to Keep Monogamy Hot”, is the Carrie Bradshaw for married people. She’s also the host of Keeping It Hot, a podcast created to improve your communication in and out of the bedroom. After sharing her own story of rehabbing a shabby marriage in “Swing”, she now answers hundreds of requests each day about how to improve relationships. As a synchronized skating coach and choreographer, it was her job to teach teamwork to teenage girls. You and your spouse have an advantage of elite athletes. You actually chose to be teammates. Part coach, part storyteller, part Cooperation Whisperer, Ashleigh has inspired millions of couples to radically reimagine the connection and joy available to them in their marriages.

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