Yogi Roth is a sports broadcaster, best-selling author, podcaster, filmmaker, speaker, and storyteller whose goal in life is to seek and uncover the humanity in sports and around the world.

Yogi joins Ruben to talk about how sports and fatherhood have influenced his life, catalyzed his passions, and helped him build unshakable resilience and self-love. He then shares a few tips and tools for finding your purpose, diving into what you love, and raising (or coaching) resilient kids.

“Putting energy into ‘I’ll prove you wrong’ is not nearly as healthy as saying ‘I’m going to go prove myself right’.” –Yogi Roth

Yogi emphasizes the power of affirming your children’s talents, skills, and interests, and teaching them to fly on their own. He believes the core of optimism is resilience. So, in order to find fulfillment and happiness in your life, you need to focus on what you love, tap into your innate resilience, and share your love and knowledge with as many people as you can along the way.

“Our only job is to give everything we’ve got away, but to give it away, you’ve got to gain it.” –Yogi Roth

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About the Guest:  Yogi Roth has been driven by the power of sports and story for over 20 years, as an on-air college football analyst, Elite 11 coach, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, and New York Times and Amazon best-selling author. A former Pitt wide receiver and USC coach, Yogi is also a motivational speaker, TV and event host, and world traveler.

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