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On this episode of Live Through Love, Ruben Rojas is joined by entrepreneur, author, speaker, and athlete Logan Gelbrich as he gets philosophical about entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth. 

Logan shares his insights on living life through love and how we can hold ourselves to a higher standard to avoid complacency. He also talks about the human condition that makes life tricky and his growth-oriented approach to entrepreneurship and competition. 

“You can’t be happy and be a victim at the same time.” - Logan Gelbrich

Key Highlights

  • Logan shares the deeper meaning behind their motto at DEUCE Gym: “Hold the Standard”. 
  • Complacency is the killer of fulfillment. Why do we tend to throw in the hat when things get hard?
  • “There’s a human condition that I think is at the core of what makes life tricky for us…”
  • Logan describes his growth-oriented approach to entrepreneurship and navigating competition.
  • Are you a spectator in the game of your life or are you a champion? It all comes down to personal agency.
  • “My lack of awareness almost killed me.” Logan speaks on how he’s navigating mental health and depression with a growth mindset.
  • Logan is brought to tears telling the story of his most recent visit to a prison, with his non-profit, DEUCE Community, which shines light on the importance of giving children the love they need. 

Logan emphasizes personal agency and shares his experience with mental health and depression. Plus, hear about Logan's emotional visit to a prison with his non-profit organization, DEUCE Community, and the importance of giving children the love they need.

How does Logan define Living A Life Through Love? 
Love transcends everything

“Do you want to grow when something horrible happens in life? Cause life will do that… Or do you want to take the torch and grow on purpose?” - Logan Gelbrich

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About the Guest: Logan Gelbrich is the founder of DEUCE, a brand of unique coaching oriented strength & conditioning gyms. The former professional baseball player took to strength sports after baseball competing in the CrossFit Games in 2011 and North American Strongman championships in 2016.

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