Ruben is joined by professional wrestler and motivational speaker Zion Clark. Zion explains his mindset for success and how he lives his life so he can have fun, stay healthy, keep evolving, and pass on his gifts to others.

Despite being born with no legs, Zion worked hard to become the champion and inspiration he is today. He worked hard and stayed disciplined to succeed. It took a lot of losses and the drive to keep going until wins started rolling in.

“I lost over 200 times in wrestling before I won one match and then I won like 20 consecutive wins after that … It just took one time for me to figure it out. So as I figured it out, everybody lost.” - Zion Clark

Zion says his purpose was to keep getting better at his athletics and he felt that the sky was the limit for him, regardless of the struggles he’d been through in life. While he has a no-nonsense approach to life and business, he is optimistic and prioritizes having fun and being present.

“I’m having fun. Guess that’s my emphasis on a lot of the things I do. If I’m not enjoying myself when I’m doing something, I’m probably not going to put my whole heart in it.” - Zion Clark

Zion believes that the best way to achieve your goals is to show up despite fear or anxiety. To him, everything boils down to having good habits and holding yourself accountable for keeping them.

“I've learned how to use that angst, that anxiety, that fear.” - Zion Clark


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About the Guest: Zion Clark is a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, wheelchair racer, and motivational speaker. Netflix's short documentary "Zion" shows Zion overcoming physical disabilities and growing up in foster care to win in competitive high school wrestling. Zion’s memoir titled Work with What You Got is set to release in April 2023.

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