Army veteran, health coach, wellness entrepreneur, and top-ranked podcaster Chase Chewning talks about his journey to living a life through love and finding his calling in life. Despite the challenges he faced before identifying the role he wanted to play in the world, he embraces his traumatic past as part of who he is today.

Following the death of his father, Chase stopped loving himself and became avoidant of life. He enlisted in the US Army at only age 17 but after multiple injuries was medically retired at age 24. Chase then decided to enroll in school for exercise science and health promotion and then went on to become a clinical health coach working in concierge medicine. Though he loved health and fitness, he enjoyed the human interactions most about coaching. Eventually, he built a coaching business online, started podcasting, and realized that he really loved learning and connecting with people then sharing those interactions with others.

Chase is an advocate for emotional intelligence, self awareness, and gratitude. He believes that things happen for you and not to you. Through learning to quiet his mind, and address his physical and emotional self in a healthy way, Chase built a life that worked for him.

“My hope for everybody is just to have these moments of awareness in the suck.” - Chase Chewning

According to Chase, his success and ability to live a life through love now are a result of his mindset shift, actively confronting his fears, as well as the encouragement he receives from his wife.

“Love is not a noun. Love is not a singular action. Love is not an arrival point. Love is the realization of the rest of your life’s work with yourself, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a person to share that life with, to love and have them love you back, then that’s the next step and that’s the best part, but it’s not the answer. It’s not a finish line.” - Chase Chewning

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About the Guest: Chase Chewning was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army veteran, is an ACE Certified Health Coach, and host of the popular podcast Ever Forward Radio with over 3 million downloads where he has conversations with industry leaders in health, wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, and the creative life. Chase also holds a BS in Exercise Science and MS in Health Promotion.

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