Meet Tony Jeffries, retired Olympic Medalist Boxer and the world’s #1 boxing online instructor, who teaches millions of people the science of boxing and how to get better at boxing, one punch at a time.

How can you love someone when you’re punching them in the face? Yes, boxing is a violent sport, but it’s not about violence. Listen in as Tony sits down with Ruben to talk about what led him to love the sport of boxing and how he lives through love as a pro boxer.

Tony emphasizes that the easiest thing you can do in the world is quit, but if you quit, you won’t see your greatest potential. He speaks on the athletic mindset needed to overcome doubt and stay confident through failure or when lose a fight.

“I believe that having low confidence helps us have success. Being scared and afraid helped me have success in the ring.” – Tony Jeffries

He speaks on how, when he was forced to retire early because of hand injuries, he translated his work ethic and passion for boxing into entrepreneurship, and the mental challenges he overcame during that transition.

The world is going to punch you in the head, but how do you choose to bounce back from that? Tony encourages us to try new things, learn new skills, and get outside of your comfort zone because that’s what truly builds strength and resilience.

Then, Tony describes how being a father changes your life, the one word he’s eliminated from his household’s vocabulary, and whether or not he’d encourage his kids to get into boxing…

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About the Guest: Tony Jeffries is a former professional boxer, Olympic Medalist, owner of the top-rated gym, Box’N Burn, and the world’s #1 online boxing instructor who teaches millions of people the science of boxing and how to get better at boxing.

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