Michael Chernow is the Founder of Kreatures of Habit, a nutrition-focused wellness company. As a restaurateur, entrepreneur, TV host, fitness personality, and family man, Michael is dedicated to inspiring the world through positivity, hospitality, and service.

Listen in as Michael sits down with Ruben to talk about the powerful role of habits, morning and night routines, and fitness and discipline. He also shares a few things you shouldn’t do when you’re trying to change for the better.

“Where a lot people fail when they’re trying to be the best version of themselves is they want it all and they want it now, and that doesn’t happen… Patience is everything.” – Michael Chernow

Michael is proof that habits can either kill you or save you… and it’s not going to be overnight. Habits will slowly lead you down a path of destruction and suffering or a path of love and growth. The choice is up to you. 

He speaks on the lessons he learned from substance abuse and getting sober as a young adult and how self-discipline, mentorship, structure, and entrepreneurship saved his life. Please tune in to hear Michael’s exact morning routine, tips for starting your morning off right, and the #1 habit that changed his life.

"At the core of everything, human beings are put on this planet to love and be loved… Every action we take, in some way, shape, or form, whether it’s good or bad, is in the name of love.” – Michael Chernow

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About the Guest: Michael Chernow is the founder of Seamore’s and Kreatures of Habit and co-founder of The Meatball Shop and wellwell. He’s also the Host of The Kreatures of Habit Podcast. Quite literally the modern-day renaissance man, Michael is a restaurateur + entrepreneur, TV host, fitness personality, and family-man, dedicated to inspiring the world through positivity, hospitality, and service. 

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