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By telling stories that matter, senior publicist and founder of RC Bonds Public Relations Randy C. Bonds hopes to increase awareness of under-exposed talents by helping them share their stories with the world. Randy has collaborated with a wide variety of celebrities, including actors and artists.

Randy sits down with Ruben to talk about self-love, self-worth, authenticity, and his journey overcoming insecurities about his appearance and the value of his work. 

“You always have to be your authentic self because the right people will be touched at the right time, and you’ll never know the lives you’re touching by genuinely being you.” - Randy C. Bonds

Randy urges others to recognize their worth and value because he himself has previously struggled greatly in this area. Gradually over the last four years, Randy has changed his approach to business, himself, and others since deciding to fill his cup first before pouring into others and focusing exclusively on projects he truly believes in and feels aligned with. 

“What’s for me won’t deplete me, it won’t rob me, it won’t take from me, it won't leave me on E, and leave me dry. What’s for me, what aligns to me, will fill me up, and it will still be able to … benefit from me without causing me to … conform into something I’m not.” - Randy C. Bonds

By operating his life and business in this way, he has enjoyed the most prosperous year of his life so far in 2022.

Self-love, according to Randy, was the biggest lesson he learned over the last year. As a result of his newfound ability to put himself first, he is now better able to support and be an advocate for others. 

“I want to take care of myself now so that I can really live a long prosperous happy life. I don't want to just live and be able to say I was resilient and I was strong and I was these things. I want to say I was human. And so I wasn’t perfect all the time, but I tried, and I learned, and I grew, and I loved, and I was loved.” - Randy C. Bonds

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