Healing Through Love: How Tabitha Brown's Vegan Journey Changed Her Life

In this conversation between Ruben and actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown, Tabitha talks about loving yourself, living with intention, healing, how she defines love, and how she lives her life through love.

It was 2016 when Tabitha became ill, suffering from headaches, fatigue, and blurred vision for over a year. The doctors couldn't diagnose the cause of her illness, and all her tests were normal. She took whatever was prescribed to her to alleviate symptoms.

After watching a Netflix documentary, Tabitha challenged herself to go vegan for one month. Despite the intention of the diet only lasting 30 days, she felt better and more like herself again, so she has never looked back. She started making vegan versions of all her favorite foods, and sharing them on social media became a passion for her. 

“Sometimes we gotta get broken again just so we can heal properly. We gotta be all right with doing that. Some people fear being broken just to heal, but I'm not. I don't have any fear anymore.”

Tabitha shares her recipes and experiences with love and free of judgment. As a result, she has inspired thousands, if not millions, to try veganism.

“I’m never ever going to judge people. I’m always going to lead in love. Give it a little bit of humor. Just make it relatable, make it fun where people are curious, but I’m never going to tell people ‘You need to go vegan.’ I’m never going to tell somebody their life is wrong. I’m just going to share my life and this good food that I’m eating.” - Tabitha Brown.

Tabitha is passionate enough about the vegan lifestyle that she has her vegan food products sold at Target. She's also launched kitchen appliances, hair products, and office furniture lines at Target. She does a lot, but she says no more than she says yes. While she acknowledges that sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zones and our visions may not always pan out the way we envisioned, she will only go into business if she feels deeply connected to it.

“I always encourage people to understand: your blessings don’t always come looking the way you envision them. Sometimes they gotta take you on a detour, but the detour is having a beautiful sight … Because you submit to it, and that’s what I did, and it opened doors for me. Just being myself.” - Tabitha Brown

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About the Guest: Tabitha Bonita Brown is an actress, a social media personality, a television host, and an author. Her online videos combine veganism, humor, and motivational speaking. Tabitha Brown has garnered over 5 million followers on Tik Tok and over 4 million followers on Instagram. A number of Tabitha's products are available at Target, including vegan food, kitchen essentials, clothing, and haircare. Tabitha has also released her own children's show, Tab Time.

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Written by Ruben Rojas


This is everything. I love hearing Tabs story! There is no word to describe my admiration for her, her authenticity, and her faith. Her joy, purpose, & love for what she does is incredible. Ruben! You know I have mad love for you! You have been such an inspiration to me from DAY 1. Thank you both for having the courage to fulfill your purpose…because of your faith and love we all benefit.

Dina Feldman on Jan 31, 2023

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