Tune in as Ruben welcomes Ivana de Maria - producer, actress, activist, and tech entrepreneur - to talk about the power of storytelling in living your life through love.

Ivana highlights the app/platform she created called StoryPlace, which is promoting empathy through the most basic and powerful form of education: storytelling.

“If you’re stuck in something or you’re unhappy with your life, going back to that question of ‘what stories are you telling yourself?’ can help you identify and actually change the origin story of whatever is happening in your life.” – Ivana de Maria

Ruben and Ivana talk about the dangers of distraction and staying busy, along with the immense value of being in silence and simply hanging out with yourself. She shares her candid thoughts on navigating life freely, how creative writing and reflection improves your ability to be present and mindful, and the main discovery she made while spending time alone.

“Being a good listener, you learn so much. And if you’re present and listening to somebody, you will never run out of conversation.” – Ivana de Maria

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About the Guest:

Since becoming a Los Angeles resident in August 2014, Ivana has specialized in Storytelling as a whole as a writer, producer, and actress for Film and Television. She has starred in a number of films as well as TV shows such as La Piloto, La Bella y Las Bestias, The Best People and Women Is Losers.

Ivana is currently focusing on creating content based on true stories and is currently a producer on the Netflix television series MONARCA as well as an Executive Producer on an upcoming Television Series based on the life of renowned journalist Oriana Fallaci.

Ivana’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for true stories led her to create StoryPlace, an empathy-driven digital platform where you can write and read stories from people all around the world. StoryPlace launched in 2019 and is now available via Web and as a Mobile App.

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