The Number One Habit For Self-Love With Michael Chernow Reading NBA to Fatherhood and the Best Advice You Can Give Your Kids with Cuttino Mobley 2 minutes Next Lessons Learned in 2022 That Will Improve Your 2023 Part 1

Meet Cuttino Mobley, Former NBA Star, Thought Leader, Motivational Speaker, and creator of the upcoming podcast, “Dad’s Point of View.” 

Cuttino sits down with Ruben to discuss how fathers feel love, patience, understanding, and compassion differently. He speaks on the eye-opening lessons his children have taught him throughout parenthood and what it means to live through love as a man.

How can we empower kids to choose love and curiosity instead of fear or hate? Cat believes it requires the nurturance of communication, vulnerability without judgment, and acceptance of your emotions.

He emphasizes the importance of delayed gratification, learning to be more patient, and focusing on yourself instead of comparing your life to others.

Tony gives us the best advice you could give your kids or youth. Funny enough, this advice is so powerful that anyone could take it! Then, he sheds light on his transition from NBA life to post-NBA life and how life is different after being an NBA star.

“Love you first, create boundaries, focus on you, become disciplined, and study. Study life.” –Cuttino Mobley

Remember, father or not, you have the power to grow and create a ripple effect of love in the world.

"The most important thing in your life is growing. You have to grow to become a better teacher, a better father, a better mother, a better whatever. Growing within is the best thing for you.” – Cuttino Mobley.

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About the Guest: Cuttino Mobley is an American professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association from 1998 to 2008. He played college basketball for the Rhode Island Rams, earning conference player of the year honors in the Atlantic 10 in 1998. Now, he’s a Thought Leader, Motivational Speaker, and creator/host of the upcoming podcast, “Dad’s Point of View.”

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