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You’re invited to listen to the brand new Live Through Love Podcast hosted by LA-based artist, activist, speaker, and entrepreneur, Ruben Rojas. In this teaser, Ruben shares his approach to art and life, his mission and inspiration for the Live Through Love Podcast, and what you can expect in future episodes.

This will be a new way to experience what it is to live through love.” - Ruben Rojas

Live Through Love is a way of life. Living through love is an active choice from the heart. It may be much easier to live in gloom and act from fear, but when you live through love, life is so much more beautiful. 

As an artist, Ruben is inspired by people. People who interact with his work and people who are out there sharing their stories and their gifts with the world. There are so many incredible people on this planet and Ruben wants to showcase them and how they live through love. From chefs and athletes to businesspeople, musicians, and artists of all kinds, you can expect to hear only from people who are embodying love every single day. But that’s not all… Ruben wants YOU to make a statement, too. 

If you’re seeking a change in perspective and want more love in all areas of your life, this is for you. Tune in each Wednesday to join the movement and learn how to LIVE THROUGH LOVE!

This is an Operation Podcast & Live Through Love Media Production

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