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With a new year comes the opportunity to take on a new perspective. And what better outlook than to live through love? When you choose love, it’s easier to react to everyday moments with generosity. To make decisions out of courage instead of fear. To treat others with kindness and compassion. A change of perspective to actively choose love quite literally changes your world.

Living through love and spreading love and positivity doesn’t always happen overnight. So how do you start? Here, we share 4 ways to actively choose love — whether it’s for yourself or the people around you.

1. Choose Love For Yourself With the Live Through Love Journal

It’s said that we can only truly love others when we love ourselves first. Ruben Rojas’ book, Live Through Love is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself, it’s a guided journal that helps you look within, recognize your light, practice self love and inspire you to change your perspective. 

Guided by Ruben’s own poetry, the Live Through Love book allows you to discover and reflect on loving you. As a true collaboration between you and Ruben, the book — and the revelations you write in it — become a timeless record of you choosing love for yourself. Every time you contemplate a poem or write your thoughts, you’re choosing to change your perspective from the inside out. 

Live Through Love helps you navigate your self-love journey with helpful, easy-to-understand prompts written by Ruben himself. And Live through Love contains insightful questions, some of which are the kind many people are afraid to ask themselves. But this journal is the perfect and safe time to face these questions.

Once complete, you can look back again and again, using the record of your self-love journey to remind and re-inspire how you live through love every day.


2. Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: The Love Letter Hoodie

Ruben’s thoughtful poetry is not only found in the Live Through Love journal. For a limited time, you can take his poetry wherever you go with the Love Letter hoodie or joggers. These staples feature original Ruben Rojas poems to remind and inspire you to actively choose love for yourself and in everything you do.

A limited edition, the Love Letter hoodie and joggers are hand-dyed — each piece is unique and will fade naturally over time, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces as unique as you.

The entire Ruben Rojas shop carries several streetwear collections that all share a message of love. So if the Love Letter hoodie and joggers aren’t your jam, you’re sure to find a design you’ll fall in love with, from the classic Original love t-shirt to the splashy Wildflower hoodie. 

Ruben’s art clothing also makes thoughtful gifts. If you’ve been wondering how to spread positivity in a simple but impactful way, gift a Ruben Rojas love t-shirt, hoodie or joggers and share the love. 


3. Listen to the Live Through Love Podcast for Inspiration

Spreading love and positivity is one of the driving values behind Ruben Rojas’ art. Inspired by others doing the same, Ruben started his Live Through Love podcast featuring guests who live with passion and actively live through love. 

From chefs to athletes, business people to artists, guests on Ruben’s podcast range in age, profession, background — they come from all walks of life and have unique stories to tell. But one thing that unites them? Their passion for life and that they intentionally choose love for themselves and others through their work.

A daily dose of Ruben’s podcast is a great way to help you change your perspective, learn how to spread positivity, and get inspired. There are plenty of interviews to choose from, but a great episode to start with is Episode # 41 with Michael Chernow

In this episode, Micheal chats with Ruben about the benefits of getting into healthy habits and routines to spark and maintain change in yourself. And one of the keys for how to change your perspective? Patience — a characteristic that can be hard to practice in today’s instantaneous world.


4. Looking at Art To Change Your Perspective

For those of us who think we don’t have an artistic bone in our body, artwork can have a sense of other-worldliness. Sometimes we look at a piece of art in awe and wonder how the artist had the skill and imagination to create their work. Spending time immersed in a piece of art can be transformative, and a great way to change your perspective.  

In fact, looking at art does something to our brains, activating the pleasure centers that make us feel content and happy. In turn, that pleasant state can allow us to treat ourselves and others better, perhaps spreading more positivity and making choices to actively show love.

Of course, art is subjective, but whether you like or don’t like a painting or sculpture, a certain style or medium, it can still change you. Spending time with art is time to contemplate, to be still and quiet. Many times, that’s just what we need to hear what’s already inside us and find the inspiration and energy to live through love.

Ruben’s love-themed murals invite those walking by to stop and contemplate, even for just a few minutes. His love murals display messages of love and positivity, giving you a chance to take a moment, re-align, and remind yourself to choose love.


It Takes Small Steps to Change Your Perspective

A change in your perspective starts with small but intentional choices. Surround yourself with reminders of love every day, spend time in self-reflection, and immerse yourself in people and art that inspire you to spread positivity and love. Your 2023 will be immeasurably enriched.

Start your journey with Ruben Rojas’ love art and get inspired by his mission to live through love.