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Love. For artist and entrepreneur Ruben Rojas, love isn’t a flimsy feeling but a way of life. A way to change the world. Through his ‘love’ artwork, Ruben Rojas encourages people to actively live through love, to participate in a ripple effect of positivity and to love themselves and care for each other.

Ruben knows it’s easy to talk about love, but taking action and inspiring people through it is a different story. That’s what his philosophy of love, “Live Through Love” is all about: moving people to be motivated by love in all things and join together in a movement that acts from the heart. 

It All Started With Ruben Rojas’ Murals

Ruben’s Live Through Love message started with his murals. And in our current climate of chaos, division and uncertainty, Ruben’s love artwork is a super critical reminder that love is a powerful verb; choosing to live through love can transcend labels, bring people together, and break down stigmas. 

From France to Florida to California, Ruben Rojas’ vibrant murals not only inspire viewers to dream hard, live in joy, and love big but they also beautify gray urban spaces. An act of love in itself. Several of his murals feature his signature ‘love’ script—whether storeys-high or small and repeated, Ruben’s looping ‘love’ amplifies his bold philosophy of love.

Take his love artwork on Lincoln Blvd in Los Angeles. Spanning the width of a block-to-block building, “Love on Lincoln” shouts love in dynamic relief against the white and gray buildings that surround it. Described as “unapologetically bold and bright” by the artist, the building-scale, repeated ‘love’ script in bright colors is quintessential Ruben Rojas art. Those who see it can’t help but smile and be reminded of the bold power of love.

Another Ruben Rojas mural, “Love Rises,” calls people to Live through Love because love unites, it heals and lifts us up towards our better selves. Although this love artwork doesn’t use Ruben’s signature ‘love’ scrawl, “Love Rises” shares his Live Through Love message with the same vibrancy and graphic simplicity. 

Ruben’s work is also found in surprising places. Putting his philosophy of love to the test, he worked with inmates at Lancaster state prison in 2018 to create a Ruben Rojas-style mural with the message “Forgive/Forgiven.” In conversations with the inmates, the act of forgiving yourself before asking for forgiveness rose up as a major theme in their lives. And quite frankly, a love lesson we all need to learn.

Art-Inspired Shirts: Style That Spreads the Love

So how does Ruben’s streetwear fit into the picture? In 2018, Ruben was painting his “Love Yourself” mural in Sherman Oaks and realized his hand-written ‘love’ would have just as much impact printed on a t-shirt. After posting the mural and accompanying ‘love’ t-shirt, he ended up selling 100 shirts, sparking a pivot to start a mission-driven clothing brand.

Those first art-inspired shirts grew into a fuller offering of iconic street style options for both men, women, kids, and accessories. Streetwear would be a powerful medium for spreading his philosophy of love on the daily: mission-driven clothing that not only looks amazing but also amplifies his Live through Love message. He officially launched his first pieces at the end of 2019. 

Depending on your mood, go throwback neon with the Miami Collection, chic with the Monogram Collection, or classic with the Original Collection. From classic tees to comfy joggers, Ruben Rojas’ branded streetwear checks all the boxes: premium, ultra-soft material, flattering for every body type, and locally-designed in LA. It’s a movement of love from head to toe. 

Check out the online shop for swimwear looks, activewear like bra tops and leggings, bandanas, even ‘love’ necklaces made in LA’s jewelry district. Every piece is made for doing the things you love while sharing Ruben Rojas’ love philosophy with everyone you meet.

Gettin’ Deep: The Live Through Love Book and Podcast

As we’ve mentioned, Ruben’s mission is to create a community of people who actively choose to live through love. And there’s no better place to start than love from the inside out. If you’re looking to do some internal work, the Live Through Love journal with Ruben’s own poetry helps you chronicle your journey of self-love and discovery.

The Live Through Love book becomes a true collaboration between you and Ruben, a conversation that asks you to reflect on the hard questions that we so easily avoid. By diving deep, Ruben hopes you’ll fall in love with yourself and live through love from a place of freedom and joy.

Now, the Live Through Love book isn’t the only way to immerse yourself in Ruben’s philosophy of love. With almost 20 episodes and counting, the Live Through Love Podcast invites artists, activists, and community leaders to talk about how love permeates their work and creativity. As the host, Ruben Rojas has genuine and engaging conversations that dive into topics like self-love, empowerment, and positivity in action.

Ruben Rojas Love Artworks


A Mission-Driven Brand, Impacting the World

The purpose of mission driven brands is to make a positive impact on the world through what they offer. Ruben Rojas is definitely one such entrepreneur and artist. He wants his signature love script to become as recognizable as the Nike swoosh but better — a call sign for a movement of living through love. 

Through his art, apparel, media, and speaking engagements, Ruben Rojas is creating a vibe that the world desperately needs. Operating out of love, not fear. Loving with purpose and action. Changing our narrative from what we lack to an abundance for giving.

Inspired to Live Through Love? Shop Ruben Rojas streetwear, or contact him for artwork commissions or to speak at your next team event.