I’ve written, outlined, sketched, painted, and printed the word “love” over a million times. Sometimes it’s small enough to fit on the pocket of a T-shirt. Other times, it spans three units on Lincoln Blvd.

Every day I wake up and live life in love. This building is a literal representation of that—a place where you can actually live in love. There’s nothing subtle about it. It’s unapologetically bold and bright.

This house is another collaboration with Kurt Gibbs (Gibbs Architects AIA). We covered it in love to inspire people to love in a big way. In a city of boring beige walls, we could all use a little color and a lot of love.

This piece took me 6 days to complete. We wanted it to be as vibrant as the artistic ethos of its Venice Beach surroundings. I had a vision in mind, but followed my instincts as it came to life. That’s what love is all about: a little bit of planning and a little bit of improvising.