Ruben Rojas X Tequila Mandala presents a limited edition Live Through Love Añejo Tequila, a collaboration between artist Ruben Rojas and artisanal tequila maker Tequila Mandala. Each bottle features Rojas' signature "love" script, hand-painted on a blank canvas, to create a unique and visually stunning design. The entire process, from crafting the bottles to the packaging, is infused with love and care, reflecting both Rojas' artistic approach and Mandala's commitment to quality. Live Through Love Añejo Tequila offers a bold and sophisticated flavor, with the smoothness of 100% agave azul and a caramel-like taste achieved through double distillation and 24 months of aging in sherry cask barrels. Indulge in this exquisite tequila, let love linger on your lips, and experience its soft fruity notes and rich intensity that will warm your soul.