The Santa Monica and Brighton Friendship City Pact was further solidified and celebrated through the formalization of Ruben Rojas' iconic "You Belong Here" mural. This mural serves as a powerful symbol of inclusion, acceptance, and connection.

Located on Brighton's Palace Pier, Rojas' mural captures the essence of belonging, spreading its message to all who see it. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and heartfelt words visually represent the deep human connection we all share. This mural not only beautifies the city but also acts as a constant reminder of the values that unite Santa Monica and Brighton.

By featuring Rojas' artwork in this collaboration, the Friendship City Pact goes beyond a mere agreement between two cities. It becomes an artistic expression of shared purpose, showcasing the transformative power of art in fostering belonging and unity.

Rojas' "You Belong Here" mural serves as a beacon of hope, welcoming residents and visitors from all walks of life. Its presence on Brighton's Palace Pier represents the formalization of the partnership, solidifying the commitment to celebrating the parallels between the two cities and spreading love and connection far and wide.

Through this iconic mural, Ruben Rojas, Santa Monica, and Brighton unite to affirm the significance of belonging and remind us all that, regardless of our backgrounds or origins, we belong and have a place in this world.