Location: Lancaster State Prison, Los Angeles, CA


In 2018, I had the opportunity to visit the inmates of Lancaster State Prison. After speaking with the men and hearing stories of the violent crimes they committed, I gained new insight, perspective, and empathy for them. It’s extremely easy to write these men off as criminals and not think twice about their lives behind bars. Or to believe that they can change and come back into society to contribute as different men.

The topic of forgiveness and self-love was the major underlying theme in our conversations. Conversations that inspired my vision and design for this mural. For these men, it’s about self-forgiveness and choosing to be forgiven. From that space, they have found peace in their past mistakes and live day by day with a different kind of respect, honor, and hope.

— Ruben Rojas


In September 2018 Ruben Rojas visited the inmates of Lancaster State Prison, where they spoke about art, life, and doing a lot of internal work. As he toured the facility Ruben noticed all the blank walls and thought painting a mural there would make a powerful impact.