Location: Los Angeles, California


For most of us, we take for granted our paycheck, benefits, and job security (I use that term loosely), even though we may dislike our jobs and wishing we were doing something else...something that we loved to do. When I was in financial services I saw this too often. People choosing to be unhappy because they thought they had to be, because it was the right thing to do and because the money was too good to give it up. I’ve also seen what happens when people get laid off and lose everything because they thought they had job security and didn’t plan for the unforeseen. It’s scary to pursue your passion, not knowing what it will look like or if you can find success. But if you look at reality it’s equally as scary to settle for compromise and live in fear of being the next one laid off. 

Doing what we love is a major contributor to our happiness. More importantly, knowing what you love should be a top priority. It may be the key to unlocking your true potential. It has taken me my entire life to arrive here, nothing happens over night. I acknowledge all those perusing their passion and encourage all those that have yet to make the leap to do so.

-Ruben Rojas