14k Gold Signature Love Necklace


The love necklace is an empowering handcrafted piece that will complement any style. The 14k Gold signature Love necklace will intrigue friends and family, serving as a symbol that shows the world how you live through love.   From the first moment, you put it on you'll never want to take it off.

  • Ruben’s signature trademarked Love
  • Available in both White and Yellow Gold
    • Please note the White Gold variant will be a special order
  • Handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles 
  • Made entirely out of 14k Gold
  • The chain is 14K Gold
  • You do not need to remove it for showering or physical activities.
  • Pictured is the Yellow Gold necklace 

Designed and Made in Los Angeles, CA. 
We are committed to keeping our production local, each piece is made entirely in LA.