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Love Monogram Bandana
Love Monogram Bandana
Love Monogram Bandana

Love Monogram Bandana

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  • 100% Polyester micro-fiber sheeting
  • Softer than cotton
  • Size 22" X 22", size tolerance +/-1"
  • Over-lock stitched 4 edges
  • Hand wash cold
  • Holds 50% more moisture and dries 100% faster than similar-weight premium cotton bandanas

  • Designed as a versatile accessory to layer with your favorite outfit. Doubles as a face covering or the perfect addition to your fur friend. See MONOGRAM COLLECTION 


    Live Through Love, and do it in luxury. Introducing the Monogram Collection, a luxury set that caters not only to comfort and style but sophistication. These leisurely staples will keep you feeling warm and looking fresh all season long. Owning luxury clothing is about more than just a label. It’s an investment in looking polished and sophisticated.

    More than a high-end set. It’s a symbol. It announces that you belong. It permits you to walk through the world with confidence. When you wear luxury, you know who you are. And it shows. The most important part of an outfit is the person wearing it, and this set lets you be your most authentic self.