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Los Angeles, CA - Feb. 14, 2023: Savoring a fine tequila with good company is one of life’s treasured moments. And now, those celebrations with loved ones can be even more meaningful — by sharing the limited edition Live Through Love Añejo Tequila. Celebrity mural artist Ruben Rojas collaborated with artisanal tequila maker Tequila Mandala on a bottle design featuring his signature “love” script.

Rojas’ Signature “Love” Message With Every Bottle

To arrive at the final Live Through Love Añejo Tequila bottle design, Rojas first handpainted a blank bottle with his trademark signature script. This one-of-a-kind artwork served as the model and inspiration for the final vessels — each of which is made by hand with intention and love from start to finish. Just like Rojas’ own artwork.

“I found a lot of similarities between Tequila Mandala’s process of creating bottles and how I create art,” Rojas explains. “Each piece is a handmade, unique canvas. With their team putting in care and effort, I felt confident translating my art onto Mandala’s signature bottle.”

From the design and crafting of every bottle to the box it comes in, every detail of this collaboration is infused with love, care, and pride. Tequila lovers will surely enjoy a luxe visual experience that complements this tequila’s exquisite flavor: let love linger on your lips and warm your soul with Live Through Love Añejo Tequila’s soft, fruity notes and rich intensity.

The Bold, Sophisticated Flavor of Live Through Love Añejo Tequila

Live Through Love Añejo Tequila has the pleasing, smooth taste of 100% agave azul. Mature agaves are cooked in brick ovens, receiving a double distillation for a caramel-like, bold taste. It’s also aged for 24 months in sherry cask barrels to ensure depth of flavor.

Limited Edition Experience At the Best Price

Rojas has partnered with online retailer Top Bourbon to offer Live Through Love Añejo Tequila at the lowest possible cost to consumers, without a markup.

Shop it now and use the LOVE discount code for an extra $10 off.

About Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas is a street mural artist, streetwear designer, and entrepreneur with a mission: to spread love. Through his art, collaborations, speaking engagements, and podcast, he is Creating a Culture of Love, sharing his Live Through Love message to encourage people to love themselves and others every day.

He is also co-founder of Beautify Earth, an organization that partners mural artists with brands to beautify their spaces and enliven their communities.

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