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Introducing fitness coach, Army veteran, and Founder of Bodybuilding Club, Benjamin Smith. After opening up about his mental health journey on The Bachelorette, Ben captured people’s hearts across America. Since then, he’s used his platform and his coaching practice to let others know that they’re stronger than they think and they’re not alone in their struggles.

"Understanding that the things that make me me are valuable; I think coaching is the current medium to do that.” – Ben Smith

Ben sits down with Ruben to talk about finding yourself after leaving the military and finding fulfilment in genuine human connection.

He makes it known that you don’t have to be overworking yourself to serve others. You can feel whole, supported, and valued as long as you live life through love.

Ben encourages you to keep doing the things you want to do, even if you feel fear or self-doubt, because “fear is great and I think acting in the face of fear is a really cool opportunity to build self-confidence and to deepen your commitment to yourself and your goals and your morals and your stance on any one thing.”

Finally, he shares his candid thoughts on the power of not focusing so hard on how busy you are and having a support system around you to keep you accountable.

“Living a life through love is understanding that everybody is sharing in this experience together… My choices now, although they might be self-serving in the short-term, are purely just to improve the life of somebody else.” – Ben Smith

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About the Guest: Ben Smith is an Army veteran, fitness coach, and founder of Bodybuilding Club, which focuses on fitness and nutrition as a way to fuel clients, not restrict diets. 

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