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Today’s special episode features a conversation with Ruben at inftspaces, an NFT art gallery and live NFT mining event, held at the newly opened SoHo Warehouse Studio.

Ruben takes the stage to reflect on his journey as an artist. He begins by talking about those early days prior to the rise of the creator economy, guiding us to the moment he decided to dedicate his career to the celebration and exploration of love.

"When you actually surrender to the voice inside, the answers are all there: Who you are, your purpose, and all these things that we’re chasing—it’s all inside of you if you just listen.” - Ruben Rojas

Ruben encourages us to see “love” as a verb—as action. He quotes Humble, who likes to say that “love is fuel, not glue.”

He talks about his ventures in the Web3 and NFT space, which he says has been an amazing opportunity to marry physical and digital art. He explains that, among other career-changing benefits, creating his own NFTs has allowed Ruben to protect his IP and authenticate his work, as well as create residual income.

Finally Ruben gives his best advice to fellow artists looking to explore the new frontier that is the Web3 and NFT space.

"Play the long game. The short game never works. The cash grab never works. Stay true to you.” - Ruben RojasSUBSCRIBE to Live Through Love so you never miss an episode & RATE/REVIEW it on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

INFTSPACES (pronounced infinite spaces) is a curated popup gallery series and creator community that bridges the gap between real-life and metaverse experiences. They are building bridges between the physical and the metaverse, curating art experiences in many forms to be accessible to all. Founded by creators and lovers of art, inftspaces is bringing new ways to collect and engage with art and artists.

This is an Operation Podcast & Live Through Love Media Production

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