Joy Taylor takes us on her riveting journey from psychology student to professional muralist, media personality, and sports aficionado. Joy is here to unpack the power of choice in shaping our lives. This episode navigates her highs and lows in the art world, how the creative world has evolved, and why now more than ever there is a necessity for amplifying creatives.

Joy joins Ruben to do a deep dive into the human side of professional athletes; it's more than just the game. We discern the impact of trades, cuts, and off-field adjustments, illuminating the complexities beyond the sports field. The conversation then takes a critical turn as we discuss the cancel culture and its implications. We emphasize the need for mindful communication, as words wield immense power, and the collective responsibility to learn and grow from our wrongdoings.

We conclude with an exploration of self-love, positive feedback, and breaking free from generational trauma. Joy unravels the importance of setting healthy boundaries within family and the liberation it brings. Our discussion on the complex relationship between parents and children, forgiveness, and redemption strikes a resonating chord. This episode is a holistic blend of stimulating dialogues and powerful insights that promise to engage you on various levels. Tune in for a remarkable journey that is as inspiring as it is informative.

How does Joy live through love? “There is an idea of selfishness or ego attached to the idea of loving yourself. But if you are truly operating from a place of love, the person you can and should love the most is you. Because if you do that, you will not step into spaces of fear or hate or toxicity so easily.”

"If I don't ask for your opinion, I don't value your criticism." - Joy Taylor

In this episode, you will learn…

  • The Power of Choice: The episode emphasizes the power of choice in shaping our lives. Every decision, whether consciously made or by default, has an impact on the trajectory of our life. 
  • Understanding Professional Athletes: Professional athletes are more than just their performance on the field. Understanding the complexities of their lives, such as the impact of trades, cuts, and off-field adjustments, provides a more humanizing view of these individuals.
  • The Implication of Cancel Culture: The podcast explores the concept of cancel culture and its implications. It underscores the importance of mindful communication and being open to listening to those we may have offended or hurt with our words.
  • Importance of Self-love and Positive Feedback: Self-love is a crucial element in personal growth and self-development. It leads to freedom, confidence, and can help individuals break free from toxic relationships. Positive feedback, when given from a place of love and respect, can also play a crucial role in personal growth.
  • Breaking Free from Generational Trauma: The podcast discusses the importance of breaking free from generational trauma. By learning to love oneself and setting healthy boundaries within family relationships, individuals can overcome past traumas and establish healthier patterns for future generations.

  • "You can't paint without depth. You can't have a piece of art without some darkness in it to amplify the light."- Joy Taylor

    About the guest: Joy Taylor is an American media personality and television host for Fox Sports 1. She is currently the co-host of Speak with LeSean McCoy and Emmanuel Acho. Taylor was the news update anchor on Fox Sports 1's The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and the host of The Joy Taylor Show Saturdays on Fox Sports Radio.

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