Ready to be captivated by the art of resilience and power of creativity? Our guest, Jason Mayden, takes us on a journey through the intersection of design and culture. We step into a realm where self-determination fuels the potential of our youth and the power of servitude and its role as an act of altruistic rebellion, and its significance in a culture of love.

Jason joins Ruben to explore the complexities of resilience and self-acceptance, unraveling their role in shaping our relationship with ourselves and others. Drawing lessons from the life of Michael Jordan, Jason dives deep into the power of divine providence in shaping our destiny and what it was like working side-by-side with one of the greatest champions of all time.

Jason offers unique insights into the misunderstandings surrounding design and its potential as an asset class. We take a look at the advantages of the barter system, the importance of self-assessment, and how learning technical language can boost creativity. Lastly, we reflect on the importance of fostering a culture of love and the power of pivoting in the face of challenges.

How does Jason live through love? “Unconditional love requires me to let go and forgive a lot. Once you allow the world to offend you, now you walk around with justifications for your anger and your rage. And that robs you of your ability to contribute to the tapestry of humanity.”

"To pull something from your imagination and have the audacity to put it into the real world repeatedly takes a certain amount of youthfulness, resilience and self-determination because you constantly have to fight against your insecurities in order to keep producing." - Jason Mayden

In this episode, you will learn…

  • ➡️ The Power of Resilience: Jason explains how resilience and self-determination are key attributes in unlocking potential in our youth and fostering a culture of love.
  • ➡️ Importance of Creativity: The conversation explores the intricate role of design in creativity and education. Jason argues that creativity is not just about skills or talent but about asking the right questions and problem-solving.
  • ➡️ Influence of Sports Figures: Mayden draws inspiration from sports icons like Michael Jordan, emphasizing the importance of dedication, loyalty, and the concept of meritocracy.
  • ➡️ Significance of Love and Restraint: The episode discusses the power of divine providence and how our creative endeavors can shape our destinies, highlighting the importance of delayed gratification, unconditional love, and the strength in exercising restraint.

    "Design for me is not the act of creativity, it's the questions we ask. Designers ask the best questions and if you ask the right question you can get an answer that helps the most amount of people.” - Jason Mayden

    About the guest: Jason Mayden is CEO and Creative Director of the award-winning Trillicon Valley and Super Heroic. A former Senior Global Design Director for Jordan Brand and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Accel Partners, he's made significant strides in promoting diversity and empowering the youth. With roots from South Side, Chicago, and a storied career that includes pivotal roles at Nike and Stanford's d.School, Mayden is an emblem of resilience, innovation, and commitment to uplifting diverse creative talents.

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