Today’s guest brings the phrase “sing your heart out” to a whole other level. In this episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben welcomes country music artist, Mickey Guyton, to talk about building resilience in your career, dealing with loneliness as a creative, and the importance of trusting yourself and your purpose through life’s hardest challenges.

Making history as the first Black artist to earn a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album, Song, AND Solo Performance, Mickey is a force to be reckoned with! Listen in as Mickey sheds light on the highest and lowest moments of her musical career, the most powerful lessons she’s learned along the way, and what she’s still working on today. She shares about her struggle with self-love and the voice of doubt, the dark side of having a record deal, and what gave her the motivation to keep writing and singing even when she wanted to quit.

“You sign a record deal and they sign you because of who you are as an artist in that moment. Then… they want to change and strip everything away from you that was you. And I allowed it… and in doing that, I completely lost who I was.” - Mickey Guyton

Ruben challenges Mickey and YOU to write a love letter to yourself, especially during times where you’re being too hard on yourself. Remember to give yourself grace and don’t lose belief in yourself because you never know, the record deal of your lifetime could be just around the corner.

“My mom always told me… to find a purpose within your purpose and that was something that always struck me… My purpose is art but it’s also to bring love and equality to an industry through my art and that helps me sleep at night.” - Mickey Guyton

About the Guest: Mickey Guyton is a country music artist born in Arlington, Texas. After signing to Capitol Records Nashville, Mickey’s first appearance was an all-star concert at the White House captured by PBS. In 2015, she released her self-titled EP featuring her debut single “Better Than You Left Me”.

The following year she was nominated for her first Academy of Country Music Award for New Female Vocalist. Mickey returned to the ACM Awards in 2019 performing “I’m Standing With You” from the BREAKTHROUGH movie soundtrack alongside Chrissy Metz, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina and Maddie & Tae. This last year, Mickey performed her first solo ACM Awards performance of “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” with labelmate Keith Urban’s accompaniment on piano.

Mickey recently made history as the first Black female solo artist to earn a GRAMMY nomination in a country category (Best Country Solo Performance) for “Black Like Me” which she performed as part of the awards ceremony Sunday, March 14th. In addition, Mickey was a co-host alongside Keith Urban for the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards on CBS April 18. She was nominated for New Artist at the 55th CMA Awards on November 10. On September 24, Mickey released her album, Remember Her Name. She is currently working on a new album.

About the Host: Ruben Rojas is a Los Angeles based artist, activist, designer, speaker, and entrepreneur who uses art to inspire others to see through the lens of LOVE. By using the urban landscape as his canvas, Ruben encourages communities to change for the better through optimism and collaboration. Once vacant walls, and now this podcast, are vibrant reminders created to inspire you to dream big, feel beautiful, live in possibility, and to love. Ruben’s murals can be seen in cities across the country and around the world from Paris to New York and Florida to Mississippi. You can also bring love home by buying his art

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