In this episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben welcomes Laticia Rolle, podcast host and Founder of TRESS, to talk about the gift of self-awareness, navigating body image, and self-love in a world that objectifies us, and the true damage done when women compete against each-other.

Laticia tells the story of how she created TRESS, a hat company for humans with textured hair, and how she’s empowering women and girls to embrace and celebrate their hair. She describes the challenges, failures, and powerful lessons that come with entrepreneurship.

Laticia shares her thoughts on owning your voice as a woman without bringing other women down, how she knows it’s time to meditate, and the mindfulness practices she uses to create more peace, love, and joy in her life.

"Peace over everything. I want a peaceful life.” - Laticia Rolle

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About the Guest:

Laticia Rolle is the Founder of TRESS and host of the Girl, WE GOT THIS podcast. Follow Laticia on Instagram and listen to the Girl, WE GOT THIS podcast.

       This is an Operation Podcast & Live Through Love Media Production

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