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In this episode of the Live Through Love Podcast, Ruben speaks with filmmaker, actress, and entrepreneur Noel Elie. She is the CEO of the production and PR company, Noel Elie Productions.

"We make excuses for why our body is seemingly breaking down, when actually, our body is trying to alert us and say, ‘Hey, something’s off.’.” - Noel Elie

Noel was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2021. She sits down with Ruben to reflect on her healing quest, from surrendering all her possessions and escaping her own toxin-infested home, to seeking plant therapy over mainstream medication.

She talks about what inspires her to express her creativity in the entertainment industry today. Noel discusses the pitfalls of victim mentality, the power of following your own path, and embracing your nature as an empath.

"I’m in charge of my destiny. I have a choice, and I’m going to do the things that light me up. When I do that, I will be in flow. And when you’re in flow, you’re inspired. And when you’re inspired, you’re in spirit.” - Noel Elie

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About the Guest: Noel Elie is an award-winning actress, director, and writer who quickly emerged as one of the Go To Production and PR Experts in NYC + LA's wellness industry. She is the CEO of the production and PR company, Noel Elie Productions, where she helps conscious entrepreneurs become #1 bestselling authors and top experts in their field by amplifying their messages and taking their careers to the next level.

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