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Meet Chris Lee, an author and Discovery, Breakthrough, and Leadership Coach whose motivational spirit has been featured on Univision, Telemundo, Entrepreneur, Inc, and more.

Chris sits down with Ruben to talk about what it takes to create love and choose to live an intentional, committed, love-based life.

"The highest form of love is service.” – Chris Lee

He emphasizes that there’s more to life than what’s being served up, you just have to have the willingness to shift your mindset, find outlets to release stress, and celebrate your unique life.

Chris urges us and everyone he coaches to face the fact that we’re all going to die someday, so live like you’re going to die next week… with a joyful urgency.

He speaks on why self-worth and perspective rule all, noting how beneficial it is to shift towards a mindset of everything is a blessing. Plus, there’s a difference between toxic positivity and having a positive mindset… Listen in to hear Chris’s candid thoughts!

“It doesn’t take rocket science or it doesn’t take a life-long study of something to be able to change your life. You shift your mindset and your whole life can shift. We have that power.” – Chris Lee

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About the Guest: Chris Lee is the Founder of Choice Center Leadership University. Chris Lee holds a degree in Psychology and Communications from Northeastern University. A Discovery, Breakthrough and Leadership trainer for almost 25 years, Chris has trained more than 30,000 students through his work in Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, and Las Vegas.

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