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Welcome celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author Michael Voltaggio.

"If you’re around people who bring something to the table, it’s your responsibility to be a sponge and soak that up.” - Michael Voltaggio

Michael sits down with Ruben to talk about his love of food. He shares how his passion for cooking came almost as an accident when a 15-year old Michael, then a busboy at the Holiday Inn, was invited to help prepare some of the dishes in the kitchen. A spark was lit, and he never looked back.

He encourages young creatives in today’s fast-paced world to discover their one true passion, focus solely on it, and embrace the journey towards turning that passion into a real career.

Finally, Michael shares his globe-trotting adventures on the show Breaking Borders, in which he and journalist Mariana Van Zeller traveled to areas of conflict and unrest around the globe with the goal of bringing people together through food.

"Sometimes, the gift that you can give through your art can be most inspired by how well you listen.” - Michael Voltaggio

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About the Guest: Michael Voltaggio is a Los Angeles-based celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author. He is the winner of the sixth season of Top Chef where he competed with his brother, Bryan Voltaggio. The two ended in the finale, alongside Kevin Gillespie, with Michael winning the contest. Top Chef Head Judge Tom Colicchio said of Voltaggio, “Out of all the cooks that have come through the show, Michael is the most talented—both from a sensibility and technical standpoint. He has the chops to pull off what he’s trying to do.”

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