Atticus, the anonymous poet, is sending us love from the shadows and speaking his truth about love and fear, art and creativity, mental health, and his anonymity.

Atticus joins Ruben to discuss the intersections between art, our perceptions of gender, and our unique struggles with mental health/illness. He sheds light on his creative process as a poet, whether he’ll ever show his face to the world, and the exciting collaboration he’s been working on with Ruben.

How does Atticus define love? Love, at its core, is an exchange. You’re giving and giving, then falling in love with what you’ve provided to someone else over time. Love is more about safety, vulnerability, and showing up than saying, “I love you.” 

“There is a beauty in simplicity because people can access it.” - Atticus

Key Highlights

  • Atticus describes how he became a poet (spoiler: it was never his intention).
  • As men, why do we feel we need permission to do “feminine things”? Why are men so encouraged not to be vulnerable?
  • How art can bust misconceptions of masculinity.
  • Why Atticus chooses to be anonymous & Will he ever show his face?
  • Using poetry to cope with depression and mental illness.
  • What inspires Atticus to write from the female and elder perspectives 
  • Meeting the Dalai Lama.
  • His creative process for writing, the feelings of fear and love behind his books, & dealing with writer’s block.
  • A sneak peek into the upcoming Atticus x Ruben collaboration!

“You never know what kind of positive effects you’re having on people.” - Atticus

About The Guest: Atticus, the anonymous author of four national bestsellers - Love Her Wild, The Dark Between Stars, The Truth About Magic, and LVOE, has taken the world by storm with his beautiful poetry and powerful, simple themes of love and strength of the human spirit.

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