Ruben recaps his first few months of 2023, highlighting what’s been challenging him and helping him on his path of living through love.

Join this intimate story time as Ruben shares what he’s doing to live through love, keep fear at bay, and maintain an open mind through his triumphs and failures as an artist and entrepreneur.

If you’re struggling to embody love or you’re not sure if you’re living through love, this episode will offer you helpful (and relatable) insights that will get you back on your path of purpose.

There’s a lot of wins in between a lot of losses and they’re not really losses, they’re lessons. - Ruben Rojas

Key Highlights

  • Living Through Love: Two major events that reminded Ruben that he’s on the path of purpose.
  • Curiosity Mindset: The powerful benefits of having a “we’ll see” attitude.
  • Wins and Losses Lessons: A behind-the-scenes look at the projects and collaborations Ruben has been working on in 2023.

There’s too much fear in the world. Let’s keep showing up, let’s keep choosing love, and remember to live through love. - Ruben Rojas

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