Join physique coach, business mentor, speaker, and father of 4 girls, Chris Dufey, as he shares his philosophies around authenticity and love.

Chris and Ruben dive deep into their philosophies around fatherhood and business, showing up every day as your authentic self, and training yourself to do what’s best for your mind and body.

How does Chris live through love? By being his authentic self and serving others through his authenticity.

I will achieve what I want because it’s just who I am, it’s just what I do. - Chris Dufey

Key Highlights

  • How do you stay fit as a busy entrepreneur? 
  • He explains how to train yourself to do healthy things
  • Chris speaks on how emotions can be tied to eating and how that informs his role as a father to four girls.
  • You know what to do, but do you have the character to do it?
  • The key to stop bullshitting yourself is renegotiating with yourself.
  • Can you really sell a coaching business? Yes, Chris did it. Listen in to learn the mindset that enabled him to do the seemingly impossible.

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If I love myself, will I _______?

Love – It’s that essence that, when everything gets ripped back, when you drop any story… what’s there? It’s love. - Chris Dufey

About The Guest: Chris Dufey is an entrepreneur, author, father of 4, filmmaker, health-nut and is obsessed with helping you build a business and life you love.

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