It's a new year and many of us are looking to make changes for the better. There are times though when motivation and stamina last only a short time before people lose interest or become unable to maintain their goals. Mentor and coach Sherry Fernandez believes people are generally sincere in wanting to change despite setbacks sometimes, and she has made a career out of helping people reach their potential.

In Sherry's opinion, people often fail to maintain the changes they want to make in their lives because they overwhelm themselves with too many changes at once. According to Sherry, goals aren't as important as the systems and habits we establish. Sherry believes it takes planning to master one’s life, but it is worth it and can change your life.

“If you don’t want your life to just happen to you, you have to be a planner.” - Sherry Fernandez

In this conversation, Sherry talks to Ruben about some tips for those who wouldn't consider themselves planners, New Year's resolutions, her experience taking control of her own life alongside her husband, and the tools she has developed to help others do the same.

Additionally, Sherry will discuss how she defines love, how she has stayed in love with her husband of 45 years, the different love languages, and how to stay connected in relationships.

“You don’t get to choose how somebody loves you, they do it their way. But what’s cool is if you can learn to let it in, it solves a lot of problems.” - Sherry Fernandez

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About the Guest: Sherry Fernandez mentors clients in the principles of Life Mastery and is the author of the bestselling book Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential, which chronicles her journey to achieving wealth. Sherry teaches the same principles that allowed her to achieve success and happiness. 

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