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It’s safe to say that Ruben’s hand-lettered “love” script is one of his defining artistic motifs. Painted across urban walls and canvases, realized 3D as bold sculptures, even decaled onto luxury cars, his love icon is a bold, all-encompassing visual — and a simple yet evocative expression of his message to Live Through Love.

But Ruben wasn’t always a working artist, yet alone an artist with a message and signature mark. As he shares with Millennium Magazine, he remembers his mom enrolling him and his siblings in weekend art classes, but the creative side of him stayed in the background well into adulthood. He started out studying medicine in college, but turned to real estate as a career. Then the economic downturn happened, and Ruban switched to financial advising for 10 years. It was during his time that he started questioning his purpose — and art reappeared in the forefront.  

He had agreed to meet up with a friend to talk about a personal development leadership program his friend was involved in. Later, another friend noticed Ruben doodling a design for that program’s “team uniform” for participants to wear during the community service portion of the program. That friend suggested it would make a great mural and was the encouragement Ruben needed. His first mural projects were new and scary territory for Ruben, but they awakened the purpose he had been missing. 

As with many people who shift to creative careers, Ruben’s mural painting was at first a creative side hustle — personally fulfilling but not lucrative enough to live on. He continued as an artist and financial advisor for a while. But when he finally started getting paid for his art, it gave him the confidence to go all-in.

Once he was 100% focused on his artistic path, Ruben could fully explore and find his style. His signature love script emerged and became the main element in many of his large-scale works —  on walls from Paris to Los Angeles. Works like “Love on Lincoln” and “Now and Forever” feature his love script loud and proud, painted storeys-high. Other love murals, like “You Belong Here,” inspire with messages about self-love, acceptance, and going after your dreams. Along with positive affirmations, Ruben’s love murals are always eye-catching and vibrant, playing a welcome role in elevating neighbourhoods and brightening spaces that are typically gray and bland. 

Art-Inspired Shirts And The Streetwear Line They Launched

In addition to his large-scale works, Ruben believes that art on a small scale can also amplify his message of love. Enter: Ruben’s love streetwear collection. His apparel line translates his signature Ruben Rojas art style into an accessible, wearable form that both looks good and has a greater purpose. Worn by many, his art-inspired clothing helps spread positive vibes and his message of love over fear, community over division. 

So how did Ruben’s clothing collection start? It all began with one t-shirt design. In 2018, Ruben was working on his “Love Yourself” mural in Sherman Oaks when an idea sparked: his “love” script from the mural would translate well from the wall onto a t-shirt. Along with pics of the “Love Yourself” mural, Ruben posted images of his first art-inspired shirts. These love t-shirts were a hit; Ruben sold 100 of them right off the bat. It was a “full circle” moment, from that team uniform doodle to murals back to t-shirt graphics.

The success of his “Love Yourself” t-shirt reignited Ruben’s love for fashion. In 2019, he launched his love art clothing line. It started out with the Original Collection made up of the Original Love tee and sweats, then expanded to include different looks. You can now find designs like the tie-dye Wildflower Collection, the chic Monogram Collection, and the buzzy neon Miami Collection online and at select boutiques. Along with t-shirts, sweatshirts and joggers, activewear and swimwear, The Ruben Rojas shop also offers accessories like jewellery, hats, scarves, and bags — all featuring Ruben’s signature love script. 

Since diving into the apparel world, Ruben has become more hands-on and experimental with his mission-driven streetwear brand. He’s evolved from printing his signature graphic onto blank t-shirts and sweats to offering silhouettes that he’s designed, cut, and sewn himself. In just a few years, this artist and entrepreneur has grown his Ruben Rojas shop to include something for everyone.

Love Art Clothing That Endures

Like the enduring quality of Ruben’s Live Through Love message, Ruben’s clothing is meant to last. Every piece is premium quality, from the more accessible Original Love Collection to the luxe Monogram Collection. 

This fall, Ruben unveils a new blanket to his Ruben Rojas online shop that’s sure to remain a favorite for years. This colder-weather comfort is a warm, woven blanket perfect for cosying up with loved ones.

Join A Community of Love With Ruben Rojas Clothing

Love is the greatest message we can spread today. Wear Ruben’s love apparel when walking the dog, stopping for a coffee, or working out. You might just encourage a conversation. Or, just remind yourself to Live Through Love every day. 

Get started by finding your favorite looks at the Ruban Rojas shop, or check out the Live Through Love podcast.